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45 Minutes To $75-100 Days! By Prashant Sharma

By Admin Baby Drivers  |  August 14, 2017

1. What Are Solo Ads?

A Solo ad means an email broadcast/send out to SOMEONE ELSE’S LIST. Since you don’t own the email list that sees the offer, it is an ad.

It’s similar to renting a list, but in case of solo ads you’re guaranteed a certain number of clicks. Therefore, if you buy 1,000 clicks, the vendor GUARANTEES that 1000 unique subscribers/people will see your offer
This is great because it saves you a lot of time and hassle of trying to generate the traffic. You just tap into an existing source of traffic and that acts as a major catalyst in your sales funnel testing process.

‘A’ is a person with an email list of 50,000 subscribers that can do 1000 clicks in 24 hours.
‘B’ Pays A to send 1,000 Clicks to his offer at $0.60 per click.
‘A’ makes $600 just for sending out a SOLO AD to his list.

2. What is reselling Solo Ads?

Reselling solo ads simply means that you become the broker or the middleman in the solo ad transaction and make a profit.

This is so awesome and so profitable that it will blow your mind. There is virtually no limit to how many clicks you can sell and the profits you can make.

Once you have enough people posting testimonials about you, you’ll get so much business that you’ll find it hard to stop the money from pouring in.

Another major advantage is that you’re going to be using someone else’s list and so you can get started within minutes of reading this report.

You just facilitate the transaction and take a cut. The only thing you need to do is buying low and sell high. Example:
Lets say ‘A’ wants to buy 100 clicks from you and your CPC (cost per click) is $0.50
You buy 100 clicks from ‘B’ at $0.35 per click and send the clicks to ‘A’.

Just by spending a few minutes chatting with A and selling him a click package you just made $15 on a super small order of 100 clicks

Once you get a few testimonials, you should be able to sell 500-1000 clicks per day taking your profits to $75-150 per day for just a few hours of work.


You get paid upfront and you pay the solo vendor from the money you just got paid upfront = NO INVESTMENT & INSTANT PROFITS!

3. Tools Needed:

1. Skype: This is used to interact with customers and solo ad vendors. This is crucial and you need this for almost everything you do with your solo ads business.
Later in the eBook, you’ll find links to private Skype groups where thousands of dollars worth of solo ads are bought and sold everyday.

2. JotForms: After you make a sale, I highly recommend you redirect all your buyers to a webform that looks like this:

This helps your keep track of your orders and makes you look as a professional and not a newbie. This is free service:

3. Google Calendar: Every time you get a sale, make sure you add details of the order on your Google Calendar.
This will help you keep better track of your solo ad orders and help you follow up with clients sensibly incase they come back with questions at a later date.
The format I use for storing the details on my calendar is: NAME - # of Clicks – Link

So if ‘JOSH’ bought 500 Clicks from me and wanted the traffic to be sent to
My Google calendar entry would look like this: Josh – 100 –

4. Link Tracker: For beginning any free link tracker would work but after you make a few hundred dollars I recommend you get this tracker (helps you get more clicks).

The reason why you need a good link tracking solution is to protect yourself from being ripped off by vendors who send bad clicks or fewer clicks than they were paid for.

When you buy a solo ad to resell, you generate a link for the vendor and give it to him/her for the delivery of traffic.

Once the vendor delivers the clicks, you go through YOUR STATS too and double verify that the clicks are delivered.
Then you forward your click screenshot to the person who bought the solo from you. Simple!

5. A Sales Page: You need a sales page to collect testimonials and also an active Facebook profile since a lot of business is done through your Facebook profile.

I personally use my usual FB profile even for business because it looks a lot more natural and non-salesy.
The sales page looks something like this: Click Here

This is the page where you send people when they ask if you have testimonials. This page contains your testimonials and your click packages with the prices.

As you get more testimonials, you keep on adding more and more to this page, so that people buy from you easily because GOOD TESTIMONIALS = TRUST!

4. The Six Money Making Steps:

Step I: Find Buyers

The first step in your money making journey as a solo ad broker is finding the buyer. You can find buyers in Skype groups or Facebook groups (listed at the end). Just join the groups and post offers like others.
Since you are going to be a new vendor, initially I’d suggest you just sell cost to cost and gather testimonials, build some trust in the marketplace.

Nobody will buy $0.80 clicks from a newbie. Therefore, for the first few deals just sell clicks at $0.35-50 cents. Don’t make a profit on these; just sell them at the cheapest possible prices i.e. Cost to Cost.
Here are a few samples of offers in the Skype groups:

I hope you get the idea of how to make the offer.
Here’s a typical conversation that takes place after you place the order:

Step II: Get Paid
So I just got paid $200 for 5 minutes of work. I don’t resell clicks since I have my own lists (much more profitable) but this is more or less the same conversation you’d have with buyers who want to get clicks from you.
Once you get paid its time to go to step 3 
Step III: Find a seller
Now this is one of the most crucial steps in the process of reselling since if you sell clicks from a bogus seller you’ll end up getting a bad review, a possible chargeback and a lot of negativity.
But it can be easily avoided by working with only trusted vendors.
Here’s how you can avoid getting burned:
  • NEVER buy from a new vendor when reselling clicks. It’s not risking your entire solo ads business just to save a few pennies.
  • NEVER buy without reading at least 5-10 good reviews and at least 1 from industry leaders. You’ll know who the leaders are once you start reading the Facebook groups.
  • ALWAYS See What Conversions Other Buyers Got.
  • ALWAYS Track Your Conversions And Sales.
  • ALWAYS maintain An Excel Sheet Of Solo Ad Purchases for reselling so you know which got the highest conversion, which vendor over-delivers etc.
Here’s a blog post that I recommend you go through:
Here’s a website I recommend to find the BEST Solo Vendors: - The #1 Solo Ads Directory

Step IV: Deliver The Clicks, Reports
After you deliver clicks to the buyers, just send them reports showing the number of clicks you sent them and clearly mention the over-delivery.

Something like:

Thank you for your business. I have completed your order and the click report can be found here:

I send XX clicks extra as over-delivery. I hope you were satisfied with the solo ads. If you have any questions please reply to this email.

If you could post a testimonial HERE (link to your page or any solo ad Facebook group), it would be really awesome of you. These testimonials motivate me to do my best for my customers.
…And also helps me get more clients which enables me to buy better and sell better 


Step V: Ask for Testimonials
This is crucial. If you see the sample message above you’d see that I clearly emphasized that I WANT A TESTIMONIAL!

Testimonials are the key to your success. The more testimonials you, the more business you’ll get.
Plain and Simple.

BUT, sometimes people get lazy and don’t post testimonials. In that case, just follow up with them in 2-3 days asking them if they could help you out by posting a testimonial.

Always specify the link where you want them to post the testimonials.

At the point of writing this report, testimonials posted in FB groups are really hot because everyone has a Facebook account and it is very easy for people to post testimonials on Facebook as compared to other platforms.

Step VI: Post-Sales Process

After you deliver clicks just send a report to the buyers and ask for testimonials.
As mentioned earlier in the report, having testimonials will make you an unstoppable money magnet. You will get pings from all over the globe from people wanting to buy traffic from you.

The diagram above explains the entire post sales process; it is super simple but works LIKE A BOMB!

Get Money, Get Money….

5. Resources:

1. Finding The Best Solo Ad Vendors:
2. List of Solo Ad Facebook Groups:
3. List of Skype Groups:
  • Underground Skype Group I
  • Underground Skype Group II
  • Underground Skype Group III
  • Underground Skype Group IV
  • Underground Skype Group V
  • Underground Skype Group VI
(Please have your Skype application open before clicking the links above)

7. Conclusion:

This brings me the end of the report and I urge you to start right now. All you have to do is post messages in Skype groups and Facebook groups.

…. If someone hits you up, sell them clicks and then buy from vendors to complete their order. SIMPLE!
You could be making $100 per day within days with this method, spending only 30-40 minutes per day in front of the computer.

It is crucial that you build your own list. The goal with reselling clicks for profits is to get to a point where you are selling your own clicks and keeping 100% of the profits.

This is only possible when you reinvest some of your profit into your list building efforts.
Or, you could just twist the whole equation on it entire head and get a list built from first and then start selling clicks using the list they just built you.

Super Simple Money Making. I’ve given you the entire money blueprint, now its time for you to implement it and make money.

Take a look at the image below, this could be yours if you implement and take action right now: 

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