Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Banned Site Re-indexed By Google and MSN Live within 24 hours - EASY!

By Admin Baby Drivers  |  August 02, 2017

So it seems it is possible and over at the experiment is proving itself.

The question was 'Can we take a banned site - No pages indexed in google, yahoo or live and can we give it life and PR rank?'

Well it took 2 days for a banned domain to enter the MSN Live and the Google Indexes. Now thats fast.

But how was it done

Actually the website is set up as a tutorial on how to succeed with SEO seach engine optimization. It is a step by step guild to soring in the SERPs ranking.

Just take a look at all the free tools offered all over the internet that practically force the search engines to index you. Take a hint and follow the links on this site, they take you to amazing free optimization tools.

So here are the basic steps that got this domain re-indexed after being banned.

20 September 2007 -
1. Added content- index.php | experiment.html | report.html | paid-directories.html

2. Put together an article about the 'Website Directory Submission Experiment'

3. Submit the article to, please if you are a member please then digg this story!

3. Wait as long as I can to submit our article below to 640 Article Directories with Article Submitter.

I want this website submission experiment webpage to be indexed by google first! This will secure that is the original source article and then we will not go into the googles suplimentals index. We do not want google to assume an articles site which we submitted to is the article source. Make sure you get your articles into the big article directories!

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