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Buying A Property In Bulgaria - What To Expect

By Admin Baby Drivers  |  August 06, 2017

It is great that you have decided to buy or invest in property that is in Bulgaria, but you may not know what to expect.  When buying in Bulgaria, you can expect a lot of things, from great priced real estate to a variety of types of real estate to buy.  Bulgaria is a land full of property waiting to be invested in, that is what you can expect when buying in Bulgaria,

Depending on what city in Bulgaria you are choosing to get property in can vastly change the type of property available.  For instance, if you were to get property in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, then you would most likely be looking for apartments or maybe a house, since Sofia is the most developed property market in Bulgaria.  Now, there is a broader range of what to expect on a real estate market through out Bulgaria and is as follow:

Beach apartments:  One area in Bulgaria is known as Sunny Beach, it is an international beach resort. There is private land hear to build apartments or holiday villages.  Of course, this means that there are apartments available for rent or you could buy one and rent it out.  There are other beach resorts in Bulgaria where the same sort of real estate market is, just not to the same potential as Sunny Beach. 

Ski Resorts:  Of course there are ski resorts in the mountains of Bulgaria.  These are probably the most difficult to obtain property in, but it is possible to find it in some resorts.  Your best bet here is to buy some residential property in one the neighboring villages and rent or live in it there. 

Let’s not forget to mention the properties available on the Black Sea.  This does fall under the category of beach apartments, and Sunny Beach is one of the resorts on the coast of the Black sea.  The reason in mentioning this is that you may be able to find some great summer houses along the coast of Bulgaria.  If you do not want to visit it yourself, you can always rent out your summer house.

Residential Real Estate:  there are houses, apartments, condominiums, and more.  Depending on your current citizen status, you could even buy some land and build a house in Bulgaria.  All of these types of residential properties can be for sale or for rent, heck you can even buy your property and put it up for rent.  It all depends on what you are looking for and what your needs are.

When buying in Bulgaria you can expect a wide range of property to be available, some at reasonable prices and others a little high priced.  It all depends on what you want and where you want it.  Rest assured, your real estate dreams can come true when you are buying in Bulgaria because of the vast number of properties and property types that are available. When buying in Bulgaria you can expect anything.

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