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Complete Guide To Viral Posts

By Admin Baby Drivers  |  August 10, 2017

Complete Guide To Viral Posts? Have you ever noticed that when something captures your attention naturally, rather than when you trying to concentrate, you loose your complete awareness to that object, forgetting everything else and even yourself? That is the power of attention capture. For example, Do you ever remember an incident when you in pain or really hungry and suddenly a funny youtube video caught your attention and you, for atleast a few seconds, forgot your trubled situation? Any persuation or sales guru worth his salt will tell you that attention capture is the first and the most important step in influencing actions of others. Attention capturing headlines are the best tools you can use to expand your business and go viral online. Especially since people are bombarded with a barage of information and there attention is very short in the virtual world.

So I don’t need to tell you that that a great headline will increase page views, shares, click through rates and sales. Kind of obvious. But there are certain steps you need to take as a precurser to writing a great headline. Let us take a look at those.

Step 1: Know your medium

People are in different frames of mind while using different mediums. They use facebook for leisure purposes like entertainment, checking upon friends and family etc. Google+ users are more business minded. Email is mainly used for serious business etc. You need to match your post with the frames of mind people are when they use the medium.

Demographics are also different in different mediums. While facebook is used by everyone, Reddit and Digg are used by more intellegent, educatated and tech savvy people. You need to take all these into consideration while writing your post. Check out my posts relating specific social media to learn more about this.

Different length of text in headline is appropriate for different mediums like email.twitter, facebook etc.

Step 2: Know your audience

Writing only thse posts which interests you specific niche audience will go a long way increasing click though rates. Finding out answers to the questions below help you when trying to write the posts that attracts your audience.
  • What age range is the majority of your audience?
  • Are they primarily female or male?
  • Who are the celebrities or people they look up to, that are not really known to the general population?
  • What topics interest them? Are there any buzzwords that get their attention?
  • What jargon do they all tend to use?
  • What people or products do they tend to really dislike?
  • What people or products do they all tend to love?
  • What controversies have they been discussing in the community over the past few months or years?
  • What problems are they trying to solve?
  • What is their reading ability and education level on average?
  • What are the most popular books the most passionate in your audience read?
  • What are the most active communities that the most passionate in your audience belong to. Which conversations get the most responses?

Once you have answered these questions, it becomes easy for you to figure out the appropriate posts that interests your niche and the medium. The next step is to learn the basic synatax of a headline.

Use Exclamation Points: Excitement works! But dont overdo it. Use it where appropriate.

Use lower case: It looks more trustworthy and friendly

Use Brackets: Brackets help people identify the type of information. Use texts like [Video] [Video Proof] [Pics] and [PDF] etc

Keep it short: It is easier to grab attention when it is short especially for viral posts

Longer Ones: People looking for valuable information would like see more details upfront, So longer post is recommended

Types of attractive posts

Without further adeu, let us look at the types of attractive posts which can grab attention of your audience.

1. Shock & Awe.

Once again excitement sells. Example.
'My Jaw Just Dropped'
I looked at his PayPal account. I was shocked by what I saw…
My heart is racing! The iPhone hack works...

1. Apology

Apology posts are attractive because it makes people feel superier. You can see tat large amount of people crave to feel superior than others in social media. Just look at the number of trolls. Here are some examples.
I owe you an apology
Is it too late to apologize?
I’m sorry I hated on Obama and cost him over 100,000 votes.
Chinese journalist gives shocking apology for losing Trump 100,000 votes

2. Admit Mistakes
People love it when you are wrong. It is for the same reason as the above, to feel superier. Example.
You told me so but I didn't listen
Why I failed for 3 years

2. Ellipsis
Use an ellipsis to tell the reader there's a little more. Works great in social
media and email, and for sub headings on blog posts and sales pages...Just don’t over do it. Example....
I owe you an apology...

3. General Buzz Words
General Buzz words: Proven headline buzz words include: New, How, Video, Pic, You, Most, Why, What, Top, Worst, Best, EVER! Example
New Love Making Position [PIC]
How to love the marketing bomb [video]
Why you shouldn't do this…

4. Niche Specific Buzz Words
You can use popular buzz words in your niche to hold the interests of your audience. Most niches have certain jargon that people get excited about. Search popular subreddits and blogs in your niche to find out what they are.

5. Rare and Unique
Something that you have not seen or heard before have a better chance of holding your attention. Example
5 secret ingredients of of a great headline!


Lists are popular because people like to see information ordera nd it is easier to digest. Example
Best 20 Books for Marketers
The 5 Best iPhone Apps for productivity
The 10 Best Dog Breeds For Scaring Burglars

The “Best” (or the worst)
Best, top, hottest are very popular obviously because people want to see only the best of the meterial and will save their time. Examples are the same as the above.

Best 20 Books for Marketers
The 5 Best iPhone Apps for productivity
The 10 Best Dog Breeds For Scaring Burglars

The Current
Using the current year or month makes readers feel that they are not reading outdated. That they are getting the latest information. Example: Best SEO techniques of 2016

The Authority
As mentioned by countless social psychology experts like Robert Cialdini, posts about or quotes by an expert on the niche will have more traction among readers. In similar vein is secrets of insider of organisation ir niche and also quotes or information about celebrities in entertainment niche.

Covert Copywriting tactics of David Ogilvy
Brad Pitt’s Fitness Secrets

Use Numbers and Percentages
Using exact numbers or percentages makes the post look realistic becaise of specificity factor. Don’t overdo this or people may feel it is spam.
67% of children eat this toxin daily
Only 12% of gurus are telling the truth

Emotionally loaded
Emotions work extremely well especially if you working in entertainment, viral, news or politics niche .
For example:
Angry victim takes revenge after he was evicted
Barack Obama in tears after he listens to this!

People are curious about information they have not seen or eard before. Use incongruent, confucing or controversial statements to evoke curiosity.

Microsoft Releases Microwave Oven!
Is SEO Bullshit?
How just 2 minutes can burn 200 calories

Get Something Free or Get a Duscount
This one is kind of obvious, people like to save money and get stuff for free.
Free pizza until 6pm tonight
Save $397 on world's most extravagant SEO software

Pointing at a common enemy
Pointing at a common enemy is a powerful weapon you can use to get people to side with you. It has been used by politicians for centuries. It makes people side with you. It also makes people feel more secure now that they can put a tangigible cause to their problem. Pointing out scammers, starting a hunt for cheaters etc some of the variations of this technique.

For inspiration you can check out highly engaged posts in socialmedia sites like reddit, facebook etc. Now that we have taken a look at some of the attractive headlines lets take a look at how to test their effectiveness. You can use the headline analyzer by Amarican Marketing Association. This tool tests the emv score of your headline. EMV means emotional marketing value. In other words it calculates the emotional attractiveness of the headline. A score of more than 30 is usually good. Here is a list of emv words to use in your headline so that you can improve your emv score

There also other tools which acts as headline generators when you type in keywords whcih you can use for inspiration. These are some of the good ones

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