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get found on google in 1 minute

By Admin Baby Drivers  |  August 17, 2017

get found on google  in 1 minute, it means you are in Google’s index. There are ways you can include your business or site into Google’s index quickly without putting links to other sites and pray for it to work.

Which way depends on the type of content you have: mobile app, website and business location. Because today when you google you see difference type of search result like for apps, maps and image etc. It’s not just websites anymore.

For example, if you have just created a new website and ready for the world to find your brand on Google, just add your domain name to:

After you submitted your site, wait for a few days, then you check the index by typing on Google: site:[your domain name] e.g. And you should see all your webpages appear on Google like so…

get found on google  in 1 minute

If your site’s name is unique like, you should be ranked within the top #5 in a week for that name because there is no competition for your brand keyword. However, if your brand have not ranked quickly, there are works to be done - read on and see content section, on-page optimisation

For facebook fan page or youtube etc. you don’t need to do this. Google can index pages under popular sites very fast and very well without your help. So, thanks but no thanks.

What if you have open a new restaurant or a store in your home town and you want to be found on Google search result and map when people search for your business’s name or brand name, just submit your business information to:

Once you added your business information, Google will let you to pin your address on its maps, and then Google will send you a postcard with pin number to verify the address ownership and done. After that, you will be found on 1st page of Google, nice and big on the right side of search result as when search for the term like this:

And like below if you are a local store:

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