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Grand Cayman Scuba Diving, In This Side Of Paradise . . .

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Year-Round Tripping

Every year thousands of tourists are lured to the Grand Cayman scuba diving sites.  They go to the Grand Cayman because of year round warm and clear waters, great diving locations, and the variety of colorful and interesting marine species.  Many of these island trippers are returnees, who never cease to enjoy the charms of this Caribbean gem.  

Grand Cayman Scuba Diving, In This Side Of Paradise . . .
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There are about 250 Grand Cayman scuba diving sites.  It would be impossible to visit all in a week’s time.  To narrow down the list, here are the top spots in Grand Cayman that tourists can squeeze into their tight schedule. 

Top Tourists Drawer

A stellar attraction of the Grand Cayman scuba diving sites is Stingray City.   The thrill of getting up close to the stingrays and feed them is an out of the world experience nobody can forget.  Tourists can watch the graceful water sprites from glass-bottomed boats, or snorkel on the shallow beds and feed the stingrays.  They can also pose for their pictures taken under water.  Scuba diving in the area is another way of getting close to the stingrays. 

The Round Rock Caves is the favorite diving spot for hard core divers.  There is a breathtaking wall topped with pinnacles – giving an impression of arches.  The great visibility makes for good viewing of several varieties of fish and crawlers.   You can swim in and out the tunnels and have a great adventure following schools of fish or just enjoying their presence.

Tourists should not pass up the dive in Orange Canyon.  This is one awesome dive.  The site will suit intermediate scuba divers.  This is also a great site for snorkeling because the current is light.  Orange sponges covered spurs is are incredible to look at, and it is amazing to see this vibrant color underwater.  There are crawling lobsters, paddling turtles, and giant parrotfish.

The Oro Verde wreck is another must-see.  The huge  freighter is now the home of the yellow tail snappers and angel fish.  You can watch as the schools of  fish pass you by at a close distance.      The Eagle Ray Pass in the North Wall is another enthralling underwater scenes.  This pass has an enchantment all its own with its towering corals, black corals, and sponges.  It is here that the Spotted Eagle Rays can be observed in their natural habitat.  

Vacations on a Budget

There are great vacation deals for those on a budget.  Backpackers can get those shared rooms for $590 per head in Lacovia Condominiums.  This includes four nights lodging and 3 days diving.  Those on sight seeing tours only, can get a shared room for $290 for four nights lodging.   For this minimal amount, one can have a great Grand Cayman scuba diving tour.   

Prices are steep in winter when people fly to the Caymans to escape the wintry weather. Most of these packaged tours include 10% government tax and 7.5% service charge; however these are subject to change.  Meals are not included but there are a slew of restaurants along the 7 mile strip offering a mix of local and international cuisine. 

So, even on a budget, one can have the grandest vacation in Grand Cayman scuba diving sites in this side of paradise.

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