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How does google works, Algorithms change but people…not so much

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How does google works, Algorithms change but people…not so much, Search Engine uses algorithm to determine website’s ranking, and Google has one called “Hummingbird”. So, what is algorithm to Google?

How does google works, Algorithms change but people…not so much

“You want the answer, not trillion of webpages. Algorithms are computer programs that look for clues to give you back exactly what you want.”

To SEOs, algorithm is basically the answer to the ranking factors.

Online world is not so different to the real world. Large amount of people and information are being born and being killed every second, good and bad, old and new and all the changes and differences. It’s 30 trillion webpages being online so far and increasing every second. It’s chaos. So for Google to keep up, they need some sort of automatic algorithms. Algorithms allow Google to keep webpages in good order (the proper ranking) at all time. The challenging part of Google algorithms for us is the changes.

To keep up with the chaos, Google algorithms need to always learning and improving. That’s why it uses A.I. for this.

And when algorithm change, ranking change too. That’s why we all hate SEO sometimes.

Being on the Google search result (Google’s index) is like riding a rollercoaster, your page can go up and down any day. Every time Google announced a big algorithm change, webpages get killed, outranked while others get promoted to higher rank. There will be people losing their jobs while other gain money and jobs over this.

To SEOs, Google’s algorithm is what we need to keep up and strictly follow as the SEO bible in order to keep the ranking health. But everybody knows, there are possibilities that even you do everything algorithm’s way and still fail. I have learnt it the hard way. So, this is my lesson passing on to you..

Keep the algorithm close but keep your user closer. Because people are not going to change much. Follow your users and you will always be on the right track in understanding what algorithm is trying to achieve.

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