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How to Avoid "Pogo sticking" on your site or blog

By Admin Baby Drivers  |  August 10, 2017

Let's start with the definition of POGO STICKING, This occurs when a users leaves your site or blog quickly after visiting it to another site, which maybe as a result of not being satisfied with your content or didn't get what he or she is looking for in your site..

How to Avoid "Pogo sticking" on your site or blog


1. Low quality content: when your blog is not filled with quality contents or not giving out to users what took them to your site can make them not to spend more time in your blog,

In terms of low quality when you make a content topic that is not related to the content you just made is too bad and can make a user leave your site immediately after visiting your site in no due time,

E.g. when you make a post that says " 5 ways to rank your site on Google "

Then when your site is clicked on, the user will be surprised to see a post with one paragraph, something that is not even up to five reasons that brought him to your site, which is very bad you know it, then even if you are the one definitely you will leave that site ...

What of making a post that says " How to repair your fan " then when you click on the keyword from search engine having in mind that you will learn how to repair you fan, when the page opens you will start seeing unsatisfactory contents maybe talking about something that is not related to repairing a fan,

Which shows that the users just did that maybe to bring traffic to his site just to advertise something else which is not accepted by search engines and may cause some penalties to your site

2. Too much pop up ads: when you have slots of ads pops out of your site when a user is reading a content, this may cause the user to be uncomfortable while viewing your content, and this may cause the user to leave your site to another site that have that same content on your site...


Google panda: This is a pattern introduced by google to reduce the ranks of sites or blogs with low quality contents and replace some other quality sites in that position you where before, which may cause your site to receive low traffics, and most of you will come to blackhat world to complain that you don't know why you are getting low traffics, this maybe you problem check your site well...

Losing reputation: When users observes that your site is filled with low quality content, this may cause them to stop visiting your site and even rate your site low, some people can go as far telling their friends not to visit your site, think about it when this happens to your site what harm it might cause it, so please absent yourself from low quality contents...

From what I just said above you will already know how to avoid this bad omen that so many bloggers practice in their various sites just to get traffic or maybe being lazy to calm down and think of a very nice post,

Make your site authoritative: with this you will understand what am saying about quality contents, when you create a content that is quality, this will make users love your site because what they search for is gotten in your site where by leaving them to remember your site, and also recommend your site to others ,
And this can make your blog " a blog for bloggers" whereby bloggers can come to your site to get information to write a content, and this can make your site have more backlinks...

To end this put it in your mind that SEO AND CONTENTS works hand in hand,
Which means that SEO brings the demand and contents fulfill it...

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