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Passive Income From YouTube Adsense On Complete Autopilot [Stage 1]

By Admin Baby Drivers  |  August 14, 2017

There are many ways to make money online. Most can be time wasters, but the one thing I have found that can work and continues to work time and time again is Adsense with YouTube.

Passive Income From YouTube Adsense On Complete Autopilot

Online video has grown exponentially, and will continue to grow, as the Internet is continually becoming faster and more accessible around the world.

Online video accounts for HALF of ALL Internet traffic. And that number is only going to increase.

YouTube streams 4 billion videos daily around the world.

It has 490 million unique users around the world each month.

It is owned by Google and is the 2nd largest search engine.

Over 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every single minute.

Imagine the traffic on a site like that.

You can take advantage of that traffic.

YouTube offers you the chance to earn from your videos by placing an advertisement in front of your video.
Notice when you watch a video there is sometimes an advert for a movie or car in front of it and it takes a few seconds before the video starts playing.

If someone should click on that advertisement then the person that allowed the advertisement to be shown on their video will get paid. Over time it adds up and you can make a nice little side income.

The more videos you upload the more you will earn. It's that simple.
Look this stuff works.....
Take a look at a snapshot of recent stats:

In the last 28 days....

  •  10, 400 views
  •  21, 126 minutes watched
  •  28 new subscribers
  •  $39.87 made
Many people upload videos to YouTube expecting a bolt load of views, only to be disappointed when they find this is not the case.

We all like to learn. For example, I did not know how to make an omelette until recently. My first port of call was YouTube. I typed in ‘How to make an omelette’ and up came a few results. I clicked on one, watched it and by the end of it I was churning out my first omelette.

‘How to videos’ get a lot of traffic. I can’t say how other videos fare, but I do know tutorial videos have done ok for me.

So what kind of tutorial videos can you make?
Here are some suggestions:
  •  How to boil an egg
  •  How to use Excel
  •  Learn Spanish
  •  How to make your own pizza
  •  How to create a playlist in iTunes
These are just a few ideas. I’m sure you can think of many others. Another angle is a review of a product you have bought. Even better if the product you are reviewing is new to the market.

For example when a new version of Windows is released, go ahead and create some tutorials on how to use it. Pick out certain features and use screen capture software to teach people how to use those features.
Some niches work better than others for sure. I found internet marketing related videos don’t do so well.

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