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Passive Income From YouTube Adsense On Complete Autopilot - Creating Videos [Stage 5]

By Admin Baby Drivers  |  August 14, 2017

Creating Videos

Decide on the appropriate equipment for the video you are making. For example, a video on making an omelette is not going to need screen recording software. More likely, you are going to film it using your cell phone or a dedicated video camera.

Do a few trial runs before going ahead with the final take. The reason for this is because you need to ensure both the picture and sound quality are good. If you get this wrong then the viewer will click away from your video. These days’ people have short attention spans.

I like to edit my videos after I have filmed them. I am a Windows man so tend to use something as simple as Windows Movie Maker. It does the job for me and is free. Camtasia Studio has a good editor also.

I would recommend adding a title at the start of your video. It gives your video a professional look. As part of the title you can also add your website link.

If you are familiar with article marketing you will be aware that the longer the article the better. There is some evidence to suggest longer videos do better on YouTube.

I would advise making your video to be at least 5 minutes long. If you can make it longer then that’s even better.


Creating and uploading a video is only part of the puzzle, a large part admittedly. We still need to give ourselves the best possible chance of people finding our video. We do this by performing a few optimisation techniques.
  •  Filename of video contains the main keyword
  •  Keyword in title
  •  Keyword in description
  •  Choose related keywords for the description
There are a few other things we can do, but the above are the essentials to perform.
Once you have created your video you should incorporate your keyword into the file name.

For example: howtocookanomlette.wmv
Also ensure your keyword is in the title box of your YouTube video. Try to ensure that your keyword is right at the start of the title.

For example, if I wanted to rank for the keyword ‘Excel Tutorial’ I would use a title like:
Excel Tutorial: Master Excel the easy way

You can also add the keyword to the YouTube description. I would advise adding it more than once here. It is worth writing up a short description in Notepad and pasting it into the YouTube description box. The description should contain a summary of what the video is about.

As part of the description you can add your website link if you so wish. I would recommend adding it right at the top of the description. You can additionally add it in other places in the description, but ensure one link is at the top.

Take a look at this video. Notice how the keyword is in the title. Also notice there is a variation of the title in the description box. The website link has also been added here.

Personally I would have added a longer description with more keywords, but look at the view count of this video – you can’t argue with that.

Use the keyword ‘Learn MS Excel’ in both the title and description.

Add the link of your website or blog into the description box to let people know how to contact you.

That’s really all you need to do to optimise your video. I don’t do any more than that.
If you are aiming to promote an affiliate product I would steer clear of putting your affiliate link in the description. The reason being, YouTube has been pulling down videos that contain an affiliate link.

What I would do is put the review on your blog. Then include the link of your blog in your YouTube description.

You can also add your video to your blog. This will give your blog some link juice from YouTube. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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