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Passive Income From YouTube Adsense On Complete Autopilot - Getting Video Views [Stage 6]

By Admin Baby Drivers  |  August 14, 2017

Getting Video Views

Question and Answer Sites
One way of increasing the video view count is to add the YouTube link to question and answer sites. You can either post a question or answer any that you feel you can help with. At the end of the answer you can add the link to your YouTube video. Aim to give comprehensive answers though on topics you are knowledgeable about.

The first site worth checking out is called ‘Quora’.

Another good question and answer site is ‘Yahoo Answers’.

Be careful not to answer too many questions each day. It is important not to look like you are spamming these sites.

Forum Signature
A forum will have a facility to create a signature. These can contain text and/or links. Each time you make a post on the forum your signature will show up.

You can add the link of your YouTube video to your signature. When someone reads your post it is possible they may click the link to your video in your signature.

Like Comments and Views
I would advise against buying fake views, comments and likes to try and boost your videos. There are risks to doing this and YouTube has wised up to it.

If you are discovered to have done anything like this you could have your video removed or worse still, your account may be shut down.

Keep within the rules and you will be ok. Too many people are looking for instant results and try to game the system. That is the worst thing you can do. Don't mess with any of the blackhat stuff on increasing views.

Leave a comment on other peoples videos. Your username and photo will be shown and there is a possibility people will click through and check out your videos. Again more views and possible Adsense clicks could result for you...

The thing with YouTube is that it is a long term strategy. Over time your view count will grow naturally. Don’t forget others will include your video on their website or even share it via social media.

You can create what is known as a channel in your YouTube account. It is not absolutely necessary and won’t affect your ability to earn via Adsense in any way.

A channel can be useful if you want to brand yourself.

Here is an example of a banner I got made for one of my channels.

People will subscribe to your channel and will be awaiting your next videos.

I advise getting a banner for your channel with some nice graphics. You can get one done on for $5. Having a banner makes your channel look good and gives out a degree of professionalism and trust.
If you have a website and Twitter, Facebook accounts it is a good idea to use the same banner on all of them and bring it across to your YouTube channel also. People will become familiar with your brand when they see the same banner on different platforms.

Here is an example of a banner I got made for one of my channels.

Because you are making videos which are giving value and helping people you will find you will start to gather subscribers and fans.

People will be interested in what you are doing and seeing your next videos. They will be instantly notified when you put something out.

The beauty of this is that you are building a list of people who are interested in what you have to offer.
You may get asked questions and it is worth responding. In fact, the more interaction the better. By having this list of subscribers you can then promote your website, product or services to them.

Social Media
One way of increasing the view count of your videos is to promote them via the various social media platforms such as:
  •  Facebook
  •  Twitter
  •  Pinterest
  •  Google+
  •  Linked-In
These platforms have enormous potential for getting views as well as subscribers. Videos which teach something can do particularly well on a site such as Linked-In.
Remember, the more views you are getting on your videos the more your Adsense earnings will increase each month.
Getting more likes and comments on your video will also show Google how popular it is becoming and you will see a boost in your rankings.
You can copy and paste the YouTube video link to your friends or followers. Alternatively click on the share button below your YouTube video and use the social media buttons that appear.

As you have seen, YouTube offers an amazing opportunity for making passive income. When you create the videos that Google wants to see, you will be rewarded.

If you have skills then create videos to showcase them. You don’t need to be a total expert on the subject. The main thing here is that as long as you are giving people value in your video then you are well on your way to being seen as the go to person for your subject.

Remember to give value always in your videos. I can’t emphasise this enough. Create tutorial videos that teach people something.

So many get disillusioned when they find they are not getting the views they hoped for. Be patient - YouTube is a waiting game.

In time your videos will build up momentum and views and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Videos = Adsense

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