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Passive Income From YouTube Adsense On Complete Autopilot - Keyword Research [Stage 4]

By Admin Baby Drivers  |  August 14, 2017

When keywords are mentioned it fills some people with dread. Do you need any keyword research with YouTube? Well the answer is yes and no.

My experience has found in the case of tutorial videos it is not essential to go after keywords. If you know how to use Photoshop then make a note of the features you are familiar with. Create short videos and upload them to YouTube. The traffic will automatically come because people are naturally curious to learn.
If you have used MS Word you could create videos on:
  •  How to format a document
  •  How to use the spell checker
  •  How to create a mail merge
  •  How to bring an Excel document into MS Word
  •  How to create a PDF document
If I go to YouTube and start to type in the first few words of ‘How to cook an omelette’ you can see that YouTube is coming up with suggestions right away.

I know I can use this as a keyword for my video. I can take things further and put that same keyword into the Google Keyword Planner tool.

Here we can see that although the searches each month are low, the keyword has some search volume.
Another useful keyword tool is at

By typing in your keyword it will give you a list of suggestions to use.

Creating a video around any of these topics is guaranteed a good number of viewers. The fact that these are long tail keywords (keywords with more than a single word) helps a lot also. 
To check out your competition you can do the following:
Enter a phrase into Google and add the word ‘YouTube’ at the end of it. Then hit the search button. 
For example here I am looking for videos on the subject of ‘Excel tables’.
The results show the related videos.
I can see that there are 1,760,000 results.

If I click the videos at the top of the list I can investigate a little more about it.

We can see that the video has 115,698 views and 217 likes.

To beat this video in the rankings would take a lot of work.
Buying EDU, Wiki and bookmarking links from Fiverr would certainly help to give your video a boost in the rankings. It’s not ideal, I prefer to do things naturally myself, but for those that want to do it this way it can certainly help.

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