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Passive Income From YouTube Adsense On Complete Autopilot - Equipment [Stage 3]

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There are different ways of making videos. I find some are more effective than others. Most videos I make are done with screen recording software.

However, you can also use a dedicated video camera. I still use a tape camcorder for some videos. Because the tapes are digital format the quality is still very good.

You can also use a Flip camera. The beauty of these is that they plug directly into the computer so you can instantly transfer your masterpiece.

Many digital cameras have a video recording facility which offers exceptional results.

Then of course there is the phone. The video quality from a Smartphone is almost as good as that from a dedicated video camera. If you have an iPhone or Android device you may have shot some video already.

As mentioned, most of my videos for YouTube have been made using screen recording software.

There are free and paid versions of screen recording software. Let’s take a look at them now.

Free Camstudio

BB Flashback Express

Camtasia Studio

My favourite free tool is BB Flashback Express. It does a superb job.
Camtasia Studio is a little pricey, but totally worth it and they do a trial also… so give it a go. Another tool worth considering is PowerPoint. If you have the MS Office suite of programs you may have used PowerPoint. This program allows you to create slide presentations which can be outputted as a video file.
A text based slide presentation cannot really be considered to be a video in the true sense. If you add music, voice narration and images to it you can transform it from a dry text based presentation to something more exciting. 

If you don’t have PowerPoint you can get a free equivalent called ‘Impress’ by downloading the free ‘Open Office’ product. Obviously with any tool there is a learning curve, but not so large with the tools I mentioned.
It is worth investing in a decent microphone rather than using the inbuilt computer microphone. There are some good value USB microphones available. Don’t take the sound for granted. It is just as important as the picture quality. I’ve seen some videos with no sound at all – I really don’t understand why anyone would do that.

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