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To know SEO, is to know Google does seo work 2017

By Admin Baby Drivers  |  August 17, 2017

Baby Drivers where online business learning Google Adsense for beginners to succeed, For SEO people (whoever making a living with SEO), our lives and our careers are always hanging on a string. A wobble string of change of the most popular and most advanced search engine to date, you know who – Google.

To know SEO, is to know Google does seo work 2017

In SEO, sometimes you might have questions that nobody can answer and other times you would read from somewhere saying things that made you even more confused. Just know this: To know SEO is to know Google. (At least in the year 2000 - 2030..) In other words, the more you think like Google, the more you understand SEO.

Why Google? Other than being the most use search engine (60% market share in USA and much more in other parts of the world), if you read from authoritative SEO blogs, they all talk about Google and not much anything else. Moreover, if you rank high on Google, you are more likely to rank high on other search engines too. I read many SEO books, they all say search engines that search engines this but failed to mention this simple truth:

Does SEO Work 2017

Your SEO goal is clear. It’s to dominate Google in your market
What Google wants is what’s best for its users. Not you, not me. Not website owners. But its users.

Ultimately, what Google wants is what’s best for users and what users want is to find the best answers for the query they search on Google.

Imagine Google failed to provide for this simple demand, I can guarantee you, there will be no more users for Google and no more Google in just few months and we would have to pack our bags and do SEO somewhere else like Bing or Facebook, perhaps. But that’s not going to happen any time soon. Google seems to be doing better and better.

Moreover, one of the main duty of Google search team is to catch the spammers or low quality sites in order to boost visibility of high quality sites and to keep users happy with the search result. It’s no surprising that Google has a website spam team dedicated to the SEO industry.

So, if you want to master SEO, now it’s time to start thinking like Google, keeping up with what Google is doing, read its announcement, add search engine blog’s news to your RSS reader app, and you will always be on the right mindset in understanding SEO no matter how much Google has changed and improved (just like walking around in a jungle with a compass).

Google always provide update useful knowledge on how its search engine works, all you need to do is just go read it from time to time:

Google even has its own SEO starter guide in a PDF file for everyone which I recommend anyone to read here.

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