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You have only 10 competitors search engine keyword research

By Admin Baby Drivers  |  August 17, 2017

A couple is walking through a forest…search engine keyword research
Suddenly, they see a big bear in the distance, walking towards them. While, the husband is getting ready to run…“What are you doing?” the wife whispers. “Do you really think you can run faster than the bear?” “Oh no no,?” he whispers back “I just have to run  faster than you..” Off he ran.

To me, this story pretty much summed it up about ranking competitors.

You have only 10 competitors search engine keyword research , You don’t have to compete with the total of 579,489 websites in the search results  but you only have to compete with the top 10-30 ranks on Google. (If you find it too hard  to outrank the top 10 just try to outrank the top 20 first or top 30 first depends on the difficulty level of the keyword, this will make being on the top 10 much easier). These top ranks are your true enemies. The rest of the sites are mosquitos, they are not important to care about since, they are so easy to beat anyway. Those top ranks are your focus they are the sites that Google trusts the most, you only need to know these top ranks’ weaknesses and strengths in order to beat them. So always keep this in mind.

No matter what marketing or industry you are in, you only have 10-30 competitors to worry about on Google  keyword research for seo.

Steps to find the best search engine keyword research

To have a keyword is to have a goal. Your site or even each of your webpage must has its goal. Same as anything else, before you can work efficiently, you must have some kind of goal first. This is why keyword research is the first process of SEO.

What market you want to dominate on Google? Do you want to be the god of “selling shoes” or do you want to be the god of “how to ride a horse”? This is a lot like choosing a career. What’s the one thing you want to be good at? What’s the one thing you want people to turn to you when they have questions? Business wise, what’s the one thing you have the most chance of success in this world? What’s wrong you want to make it right? This is the kind of question you must ask first before you start SEO or start the best content blog that rank high on Google. 

I will sum it up in 2 steps. All of which you can use the tool called “Keyword Planner” from Google AdWords to find that keyword. It’s free.

1. Find out the search volume keyword for seo
This is about knowing exactly what your customers want. Suppose your site is selling training shoes, so you think you want to your site to rank #1 with the keyword “training shoes”. Not so fast, because this keyword might not be what your customers literary type to search on Google or this keyword might has lower number of searches on Google than other keywords like “running shoes”. 

So after, you came up with the the one keyword idea. You need to find out the exact word that being searched on Google by looking at its search volume per month using Google Keyword Planner.

You have only 10 competitors search engine keyword research

2. how to keyword research Find out the opportunity
Everybody wants big traffic, so always, everybody wants to rank high on the highest demand keywords right? Well – not aways. 

Not, if you are new in town, you don’t want to compete with a giant brand like Nike who has the best webpage for ”running shoes” a decade before you. No no, you need to earn your trust in time. And no, if the highest demand keyword mean broader or shorter keywords, even though broad keywords provide big traffic but they are usually too difficult to rank and they usually have no buying intension. It has been proven time and time again, broad keyword is bad for business.

Broader keyword (or shorter) = more scary competitors and less sale

longer keyword like “iPhone 8 case”. (I don’t know why, most humans just has a knack for broad search I guess). But if you sell iPhone case, ranking for the high traffic “iphone” keyword isn’t going to help you sell at all. Because it has no buying intension. It’s too broad, it’s like calling out to your friend in a big crowd of people “Hey! Hey!”. What you going to get is everyone turning to you, not just your friend. It’s irrelevant targeting.

So what you need to do to have the best chance of success?
2.1 Go for niche keywords (ideally 3+ words long).
2.2 Check competitors’ weaknesses

(See examples later)
I also want you to read this, it’s from one of the most authoritative sites in the business talking about keyword research.

Before we proceed. Please understand that this is not the only way to find good keywords. If you google “keyword research seo” you will find many more methods, some are too difficult too complex to follow, some too basic and useless, some are very good, but this is how I did it and found great result. This will help you to see the big picture and able to apply them for further use. In addition, there are probably about 10-20 keyword research softwares that can provide you great niches with opportunity info in 10 seconds, but without a little knowhow, you would not know the value. So let’s learn the manual work before buying any free competitor keyword research tool, OK? Good! Go to the site

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